“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” La sentite? L’atmosfera natalizia sta per iniziare a diffondersi in gran parte delle città italiane. Illuminazioni tradizionali, eventi a tema e mercatini ci accompagneranno per tutto il mese di dicembre dal nord al sud italia Firenze non vuole farsi trovare impreparata. Anzi, poche altre città possono vantare […]

Oggi vogliamo rispondere pubblicamente ad una delle domande che più spesso ci rivolgete su Instagram, ovvero: “qual è il miglior hotel dove trascorrere un weekend romantico a Firenze?” La risposta è molto semplice e non abbiamo mai avuto alcun dubbio nel consigliarlo: Hotel Continentale è la nostra scelta definitiva. Prendete una location unica, letteralmente a 2 […]

The petrified head of Santa Maria Maggiore is a carved head that makes a fine display of itself in mid-leaning air from one of the sides of the bell tower. This unusual location is connected with some famous legends: in one case the stake of the famous necromancer Cecco d’Ascoli, in other one with a […]

It’s said that Dante had an extraordinary memory and there’s an anecdote about this fact. One day the Great Poet was sitting on a stone and a pedestrian asked him what was the most delicious food according to him. Dante replied “The Egg”. Two years later, the same pedestrian found again Dante on the same […]

The Uffizi Gallery is located on the second floor of the building originally designed by Giorgio Vasari is certainly rich of curiosity. This building was commissioned by the Grand Duke Cosimo I of Tuscany to house the headquarters of the Florentine courts. The second floor was the place of the judicial offices, but was turned […]

Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) is famous for its numerous goldsmiths and jewelers shops and today it seems normal that one of the “symbolic places” of Florence is now home of precious and luxury goods stores. However, it was not always so, and what today seems normal to us is actually the result of an accurate […]

Today, our curiosity concerns the famous Brunelleschi’s Cupola, monument everybody (Florentines and tourists) have seen thousands times live or in photography. Despite this, there is a macroscopic and high visible architectural detail nobody notices, because less known. If you’ve never noticed, today you’ll discover that the “drum” of the Dome, i.e. the octagonal base that […]